Why do I need a website for my business ?

Having a website means potential customers can easily learn about your business.

They can easily find store locations, opening hours, products/services you provide, who to contact, tax ID, and the business registration date.

When it comes to payment, customers can easily copy and paste your bank account number from the website. No one enjoys waiting an hour to pay.

Do you have a good location? A website helps people from afar easily find your business with a few Google searches. No complaints about having too many customers!

Do you have a location with low foot traffic or inconvenient parking? A website helps you get more online visits to learn about the existence of your business!

It’s true that you can do business for free on personal Facebook, but your friends and those around you don’t like it when you advertise all the time, and they end up unfollowing you.

And? If you create a Facebook Page as a business, do you want more views? Do you want more interaction on your products? Then it’s not free, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube all charged people to be advertised!

And? You don’t have freedom in presenting content, you can only write posts with a few images/videos. You can’t present, create, or design content in any way beyond the Facebook regulations.

And? You don’t have long-term content freedom. One day, someone reports and your post gets taken down! You run a legal ad but for some reason, the system doesn’t allow it, saying the post violates some rule!?!?

And? You don’t have data freedom. Your account can be hacked or reported, and all the content you’ve painstakingly written can be lost.

And? Your business has hundreds of products, various types, sizes, colors, and price ranges? Social media doesn’t have a filtering system. Customers have to scroll and search through hundreds of products.

WordPress.com or Wix ? If you’re not familiar with tech tools, even dragging and dropping is hard for you. This time, Pro subscription cannot help you out. The site gonna be still ugly.

What we offer better in long-term ?

I have an outdated website, can I renovate it ?

  • My website is still operational, but the interface looks outdated, like it did 10 years ago?
  • Not only that, it’s slow, not optimized for mobile screens, mobile devices?
  • I’m afraid of losing what I’ve written/have on the current website?

YES, we can upgrade your website without losing data, posts on it. Better looking, compatible with mobile devices

It's happy to work for you 🙂

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